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Cartoon Story Maker allows you to make 2D screen based cartoon stories
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STEFANIDIS FILIPPOS I really want to use this program, but it does not work the html produced on any broswer. Only frames are displayed. I have tried it in windows 7 and 10. Can you think what can be blamed?

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Endri MasOn Terpanaku

Endri MasOn Terpanaku I think the program doesn't deserve to be downloaded.

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Rebensley Rebensky Jeanmary

Rebensley Rebensky Jeanmary Don't download it. It'll make your computer go crazy.
smile =@

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Guest This programme works perfectly well for me. A bit jerky in places but well worth the cost (free!).

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Anusheelan Dahal

Anusheelan Dahal This is a very bad app, do not download it.

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Guest I can not open created files of Cartoon Story Maker on my computer.

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